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How to jailbreak an iPod Touch

    • 1). To start off, this article is strictly for iPods with the 3.1.2 Firmware, which is the latest software update. Also, make sure you have the 3.1.2 firmware downloaded before you do any jailbreaking.

    • 2). This is where the actual jailbreaking starts. To get the jailbreaking program, you going to want to go to, and proceed to download blackra1n.

    • 3). Next, minimize your internet browser. You should see blackra1n, or blackra1n.exe on your desktop, with the icon being a black raindrop. Plug up your iPod Touch, with 3.1.2 Firmware, and iTunes should pop up.

    • 4). Minimize or exit out of iTunes, it really does not matter which. After all the syncs are done with your iPod and everything, open up blacra1n, or blackra1n.exe (depending on what it says on your desktop). Once you have blackra1n opened, Click on the button that says "make it ra1n". Once you click this, it should take a couple minutes for your iPod to recognize it, and you should see a face on your iPod in the rain, with an iPod touch on it as well.

    • 5). Once you have clicked "make it ra1n", just let blackra1n do its thing. You will know when it is done by the message that pops up on your screen. After that, there should be a blackra1n application on your iPod. Once the blackra1n application is on there, you have successfully jailbroken your iPod touch, and can further add things on it by adding programs such as Cydia or Rock, which can be done by downloading from the blackra1n app.

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