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How to Clean Troj Vundo Bmf

    • 1). Use the link in the Resources section to navigate to the AVG Anti-Virus web page. Download the AVG Anti-Virus utility and then run the installation program unless you already have another antivirus tool on your machine.

    • 2
      Bringing up the System Protection window.

      Access the computer's Start menu. Click on the "Control Panel" button and then click the "System" icon. Click on the "System Protection" link.

    • 3
      Remove the System Restore option.

      Navigate to the bottom of the window. Uncheck all of the boxes located below the "Automatic System Restore" heading. Click on "Apply." Return to the Start menu and then click on the option to restart the operating system.

    • 4
      Selecting Safe Mode.

      Tap your keyboard's "F8" key as soon as the computer's logo shows up on the screen. Navigate down to the "Safe Mode" text link and then press "Enter." Open up the antivirus tool you installed earlier when the computer finishes restarting.

    • 5
      Running the virus scan.

      Select the program's "Update" feature and then click on the "Scan" option when the updates are done downloading. Click on "Scan Entire Computer" and choose "Remove Problems" when the scan is finished.

    • 6
      The registry editor icon.

      Close the antivirus tool and then open the Start menu again. Click on the "Search" function and type "Regedit" into the search bar. Click the icon that appears to bring up the registry editor.

    • 7). Tap the keyboard's "Ctrl" and "F" keys together to bring up the registry search box. Type "02F96FB7-8AF6-439B-B7BA-2F952F9E4800" into the search area. Right-click each of the files that appear and then select "Delete."

    • 8). Search for and delete the files named "2353FCBC-012D-487B-8BF3-865C0929FBEB," "22E85F2A-4A67-4835-B2C3-C575FE4EC322" and "DE8BDE42-16D9-4CCC-9F4F-1C3167B82F60."

    • 9). Close the registry editor and then restart the computer. Go back to the "System Protection" window and turn the Automatic System Restore feature back on.

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