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Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina


    • Cordoba, the name of both a city and a province, is a lovely mix of old and new with colonial churches and a happening live music scene. It is a good idea to stop over one night in the city before heading on to shoot doves to enjoy the nightlife and a good "parillada," or collection of grilled meats at a restaurant.

    How to Get There

    • The best way to get to Cordoba is by flying into Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Then you can rent a car to drive the remaining 60 miles, or continue on in a Aerolineas Argentina flight to Cordoba City International Airport. Dove hunting lodges may arrange to come pick you up at the airport.

    Los Chanares Lodge

    • Once in Cordoba, the best thing to do is book yourself into an all-inclusive lodge that can provide you with dove hunting equipment. One of the most luxurious is the Estancia Los Chanares, a large lodge set on 7,000 acres. They say that 20 million doves are roosting on the property at any moment. The hotel provides luxury accommodations and meals.

    J J Caceria

    • The estancia (lodge) of J J Caceria provides dove hunting alongside pigeon, duck hunting and big game, if you would like to diversify. They promise about a thousand rounds of shooting per morning and reasonable prices. J J Caceria points out that doves are considered a plague and a nuisance in the area, so invites you to come and hunt them.

    Los Gauchos Outfitters

    • Don't want to make a reservation directly at a hunting lodge? Los Gauchos Outfitters can plan your entire hunting holiday, from transportation to lodging to food to equipment, all while making sure you don't get hit with extra fees. As for the doves, Los Gauchos says "they are literally everywhere!"

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