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Gandalf The Great Reads The Hobbit At Eastbourne Central Library

EASTBOURNE LIBRARY is home to Gandalf the Wizard



Gandalf the Wizard leaves Middle Earth on Friday 9 April and comes to Eastbourne Central Library at 2pm.

Gandalf, will be reading extracts of the JRR Tolkein fantasy book The Hobbit when heappears at the children's library.

The visit comes ahead of the theatre version of the show being presented at the Congress Theatre, Eastbourne from 13 – 18 April.

Fans of the book, young and old, are encouraged to come along to this free event which will also feature a question and answer session, as well as a reading from the book. In addition, anyone who attends this event will be given a promotional discount voucher to receive money off tickets to see the show at the Congress Theatre.

The theatre version of Tolkein's classic fantasy novel is at the Congress Theatre over the Easter half-term, making it an ideal family treat. Middle Earth is stunningly brought to life in this full scale theatre production which is action packed and filled with amazing stage effects.

Join our intrepid hero, Bilbo Baggins, on an adventure of a lifetime and encounter; Wizards, giant spiders, Trolls, wolves, a huge dragon, a treasure trove beyond belief and a very special ring in this spectacular stage adaptation of one of the world's favourite stories.

This West End production has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike and is directed by Roy Marsden, known to many for his portrayal of Inspector Dalgleish in the PD James television series.

The clever staging and the cast of 13 will transport you to the remarkable world of Middle Earth. If you've seen the Lord of the Rings films you will love this live version of the precursor of this trilogy.

Gandalf will be visiting Eastbourne Library on Friday 9 April from 2pm - 3pm.

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