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Cigar Bars in Tokyo

    • Tokyo is a cigar friendly city.lit cigar end image by William Berry from

      Read any Haruki Murakami book and you're likely to find a first-person middle-aged narrator with a noirish authorial voice and a taste for jazz and liquor. Given Japan's cultural penchant for hard-boiled detectives, smoky music, and hard alcohol, it's no wonder the Japanese also love a good cigar. Tokyo offers no shortage of classy lounges, private rooms, British pubs, and bars to sit down in and enjoy a stogie amongst fellow aficionados.

    Le Connaisseur

    • Le Connaisseur is a cigar bar and shop with half a dozen locations spread throughout the metro Tokyo area. The classy, comfortable lounges at Le Connaisseur are reminiscent of the boy's room at an upscale New York restaurant in Sinatra's day. High-end cigars from Cohiba, Davidoff, Hoyo de Monterrey and Monte Christo are available at any of Le Connaisseur's locations, along with a drink menu featuring scotch, brandy, grappa, calvados and Armagnac. Snacks include cheeses, mixed nuts, raw chocolate and dried fruits.

      Le Connaisseur Ginza
      Nishi Gobangai
      Ginza Hakua BLDG, 6-7-5 Ginza
      Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Baron Okura

    • Tokyo's Hotel Okura is home to the Baron Okura Wine Dining & Cigar Bar. Named after hotel founder Baron Kishichiro Okura, the bar features a royal French style dining room as well as private rooms at a premium. The Hotel Okura menu specializes in the strange bedfellows of Chinese and French cuisine, offering roasted Iberico pork with shallot and herb sauce alongside steamed duck liver. As well as an array of fine cigars, the hotel serves top-shelf wines such as Morey St-Denis '99. The bar's twelfth floor location offers views of the city.

      Hotel Okura Tokyo
      2-10-4 Toranomon
      Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001

    Bar Hermit

    • Bar Hermit looks like the kind of place Winston Churchill would have gone for a scotch during the blitz. It's all polished wood, unpretentious décor, and walls of bottles filled with amber elixir. Technically a scotch and bourbon bar, Bar Hermit has cigar cutters, matches and ashtrays available to clients. English-speaking staff and English-language menus are available at the bar, which among other trademarks, serves its scotch with a complimentary glass of water and forgoes ice cubes in favor of one large ball of ice in a drink. The management encourages cigar smoking. Aficionados meet and mingle in Bar Hermit.

      Konwa Center Bldg, B1
      3-26-3 Shinjuku
      Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0000

    Meguro Tavern

    • The Meguro Tavern is a London pub, sports bar, and restaurant all in one, a perfect combination given how much the British sports fan loves a game, a pint, some nosh, and a smoke. Cigar smoking is a favorite pastime of the Meguro Tavern, which serves English staples from fish and chips to the ever-delectable steak and kidney pie. A horseshoe bar serves over 40 cocktails, Australian wine, and of course, Guinness. The Meguro Tavern's website even offers a database of dirty jokes to tell at the bar while having a cigar and a pint.

      Meguro Tavern
      2F, Sunwood Meguro Bldg.,
      1-3-28, Shimomeguro, Meguro Ku, Tokyo
      81- 03- 3779-0280

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