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How To Choose Plants For a Koi Water Garden

When you are done with the construction of your Koi pond then the fun part of this process begins with choosing plants for your pond.
Apart from beauty, plants also provide biological life to your water garden.
So be careful in choosing plants and flowers.
Make suitable climate for the growth of plants and provide enough area to them.
Lotus plants: As koi are typical tropical fish, lotus plants will prove to be the most suitable for them.
It will not only be good enough for your Koi as well as it will provide an unmatched beauty to your pond.
But if you are residing in an area that has a temperature more than 65 degrees then you have to maintain a greenhouse system to provide suitable conditions to your lotus plants.
Soil and sufficient sunlight is important for lotus so you have to plant them two to three feet deep during colder months and indoors during warmer times.
Water Hyacinths In case of time shortage or lack of interest in gardening, you have to add water hyacinths to your water garden.
They don't require soil and water rather one should anchor them in the water so as they do not float over the surface of pond.
They not only look beautiful rather they also hinder the growth of algae and fungi in the ponds.
One disadvantage in using these water hyacinths is that they are extremely invasive.
If they are not hindered they would prevail in all the area of the pond and may also jump over the fence.
Other Functional Plants Alternatively, one may use such plants that live below the water line and are functionally helpful to the pond.
They may help you in fighting against beetles and algae and may also provide food to your fish.
You may find them easily at your nearest pet store.
Most of the underwater plants do not need extensive care and once you put them in the water.

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