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Main Causes of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is defined as the inflammation or infection of one or more of the paranasal sinuses and occurs when there is a disruption in mucus drainage. Normally, mucus is drained down the throat and into the stomach, where the stomach acid kills any foreign substances that may become causes of sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs when the sinus cavity becomes inflamed, therefore being unable to drain the mucus properly. It becomes stuck in the sinus cavity, where the foreign substances multiply and eventually attack.

There are many causes of sinusitis. Listed below are some of the more common causes of sinusitis today.

1. Viruses - viral infections like influenza usually causes the common cold. Viral infections are known to paralyze and destroy the cilia, rendering it unable to move the mucus out of the nose.

2. Bacteria - if the infected mucus is unable to move out of the body through the nose or drain down through the throat, it stays in the sinus cavity and creates an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. If left untreated, it paralyzes the cilia and causes the mucus membrane to become inflamed, which in turn makes it even harder for the mucus to be drained.

3. Fungi - it can be microscopic plant or mold that can be ingested or inhaled. This has the ability to affect the immune system and can sometimes aggravate the sinuses directly.

4. Foreign objects - children are notorious for trying to put foreign objects in their noses, which may contain bacteria that causes an infection.

5. Medication - some medications have an unfortunate side effect and can be one of the causes of sinusitis. These medications may affect the function of the mucus membrane and prevent the mucus from being expelled properly.

6. Excessive nose blowing - the body has its own way of getting rid of the excess mucus. When there is excessive nose blowing, bacteria may travel back into the sinus cavity cause an infection.

7. Diseased teeth - on very rare occasions, diseased upper teeth can affect the maxillary sinus in the cheekbone and cause sinusitis.

There are other causes of sinusitis, but the ones listed above are the most common ones. To avoid contracting sinusitis, always be careful. Wash your hands frequently to avoid getting the influenza virus. Make sure to keep your nose clean; avoid picking it with your fingers. Stay away from people who are sick because viruses and bacteria can be airborne and are potential causes of sinusitis.

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