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How to Rotate Tires on a Chrysler Town & Country

    • 1). Make sure all tires are new at the same time for the best rotation results.

    • 2). Loosen all the lug nuts on each of the tires. Place a piece of wood under the back tires to keep the truck from rolling while you jack up the front.

    • 3). Place two jacks under the front of the vehicle, and then lift the rear up on another two jack stands. Because of the weight of this van, the easiest and safest way to rotate the tires is on a hydraulic lift.

    • 4). Move the passenger side rear tire to the front, and the passenger side front to the driver side rear. Switch the driver side rear tire to the front and the driver side front tire to the passenger side rear. Tighten lug nuts snugly, but not completely.

    • 5). Lower the rear first and replace the wood behind the tires. Lower the front end and then go around and tighten each lug nut to its tightest fit. If on a lift, lower the whole truck and tighten lug nuts.

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