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Cookie Monster Party Ideas - Sesame Street"s Favorite Monster!

Cookie Monster party ideas are perfect for the Sesame Street fan in your house...
or the cookie lover! What you will need are some Cookie Monster party invitations, fun games, a cake or cupcakes, and a party favor to please the those little Sesame Street fans.
Sesame Street party supplies are very easy to find.
These are a popular item for kids birthday parties so...
finding your plates, cups and decorating items will be easy.
If you don't want to choose a Sesame Street pattern, but are looking for a Cookie Monster only party supplies...
you might have to use blue plates, cups and napkins and pictures of everyone's favorite blue Monster! I have only seen the party supplies with the entire cast of Sesame Street on them in regular party supplies and First birthday sets.
Party Invitations You can make Cookie Monster Party Invitations yourself.
Find some clip art or stickers with our favorite Monster on them.
Print them out or stick them onto a piece of blue construction paper and print all your party info on them.
You can cut the blue construction paper into a Cookie Monster shape.
Write or type your party info on a sheet of white paper that will fit on your blue cut out shape.
Glue it to the blue paper.
who, what, when, where, RSVP! The RSVP helps you to have enough party supplies for your guests...
always have a little extra in case an extra guest or two show up! Put a start time and a finish time for your party! Games for Cookie Monster Party Ideas One of my favorite party activities is a Pinata...
and there is a Cookie Monster Pinata that your party guests would love! Imagine the fun everyone will have when the Pinata breaks and all those goodies are spilling out! Watch everyone scurry about trying to fill their goodie bag with treats.
Making a Cookie Monster Cake or Cupcakes You can bake your own party cake...
and use a cake topper to decorate it.
Make yourself some blue frosting, frost your cake and then design Cookie's eyes using marshmallows and black cake decorating gel.
To give your cake top some texture, you can put some coconut flakes in blue food dye and let them dry.
Put that on top of your cake to make it look like Cookie's fur! The same decorating ideas apply to cupcakes...
so whether it's a cake or cupcakes you prefer to serve your party guests they are both easy to make! Cookie Monster party ideas are perfect for a kids theme party.
They are fun for kids and easy for you, Mom.

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