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Alzheimer's Tips

    Label Important Items

    • According to the Alzheimer's Association, the person should keep labels, lists or sticky notes handy for remembering important tasks or items. Although it does not reduce memory loss, it helps assist the person when doing everyday tasks. Label all important drawers and cabinets with the items contained inside using a sticky note or label. Place important phone numbers, such as 911 or the number of a local health provider, near all phones. It is also helpful to write instructions for everyday tasks in the area where it is commonly completed, such as keeping instructions for drying hair in the bathroom.

    Get Help

    • Get help for managing household responsibilities. Ask friends or family members to help out with tasks such as grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, paying bills or cleaning the house. They can also call the Alzheimer's patient to remind him of important daily tasks, such as when to take medication, upcoming appointments and when to eat.

    Join Support Groups

    • Join support groups and support programs offered by the Alzheimer's Association. It teaches people how to stay independent while managing the disease. The programs vary by state, but include support groups, consultation by phone or email for coping with the disease and educational programs for learning more about the disease.

    Record Everything

    • The Cleveland Clinic also recommends patients keep a book with them at all times to record any important information. Record all important information, including names, appointments, family events, addresses of family members, the patient's home address and phone numbers.

    Use Safety Devices

    • Install safety devices around the house to prevent accidents. The Alzheimer's Association recommends fitting bathtubs with grab bars and purchasing appliances with an automatic shut-off feature.

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