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Discovering and Clearing Subtle Underlying Issues With EFT

I am a seasoned user of meridian tapping tools and energy therapies including EFT, and I was recently amazed when an aspect of an old issue came up for me that I had totally neglected to remember as I was clearing trauma around another issue several years ago.
During graduate school I had suffered a broken heart due to deception in a relationship.
Twenty-plus years later I had suffered re-occurring nightmares that were based on this earlier trauma.
This was a classic case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) rearing its ugly head from my subconscious where I thought it was safely hidden.
I hadn't thought of that incident in many years, and then I was dreaming about it regularly.
I thought that just being aware of the issue cleared it.
Over ten years passed and I was again suffering some inner trauma of loss in a personal relationship.
I had wonderful energy tools at this point and regularly used EFT and N.
to clear up the trauma and deep emotional pain.
Even though I truly suffered the "dark night of my soul" at this point, it took me much less time than most people to re-create my life and to move on to a happier and healthier place.
In the last few years I've been doing almost daily energy tapping as I facilitate energy therapy sessions with my clients.
I enjoy this because as I help others to clear their issues I am getting benefits myself.
Occasionally I come upon some old charge on a very subtle issue that I have overlooked in my own extensive personal clearing.
This happened recently when an aspect of an old hurt of abandonment and loss came up to be cleared.
When I felt the familiar old traumatic emotions I went back to the more recent major event to see if it was the source of the emotion I was feeling.
That seemed clear, but to my surprise the original old issue from graduate school showed up.
And, at this point I realized that in all of my clearing during the "dark night of my soul" I had neglected to go back and clear the earlier trauma from the man who had deceived me earlier.
It seems now that it was a pretty obvious oversight that I didn't clear that earlier case of post trauma residue when I was working on the more recent occurrence of traumatic stress.
It just never occurred to me at the time.
I thought all of my hurt was coming from just that incident.
I didn't realize at the time that the current issue was intensified by the residual charge left on the earlier, original situation.
I'm still surprised that I had totally forgotten the most traumatic event of my earlier life when the later trauma occurred.
And now I understand that once a certain vibration is in one's frequency field it can stay there and attract more of that, ending in increased trauma each time until the issue is cleared.
Now I specifically search for the very subtle and underlying issues that - even though they may not seem related - sometimes hide and cause major blockages in moving forward in everyday life.

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