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How to Choose a Restaurant for a Date

  • 1). Turn down the volume - the place should let you and your date get to know one another without needing a bullhorn.

  • 2). Remember the importance of service - you and your date need time and privacy; you don't need attitude or neglect.

  • 3). Think about the lighting. Make sure you can see each other, but you might want to avoid the tell-all threat of cafeteria lighting.

  • 4). Consider the cost. Try to pick a restaurant you can afford, whether or not you're picking up the check.

  • 5). Opt for a place you're familiar with. However don't go to a place where everyone knows you on a first-name basis - your date might feel uncomfortable.

  • 6). Pick a place where both you and your date can eat. Ask your date ahead of time about any special food preferences or dislikes.

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