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How to Build an Amphibian Terrarium

    • 1). Design your setup. In this stage, take into account the needs of your pets. For example, some amphibians spend most of their lives underwater and require very little land. Other, like treefrogs, require little liquid water, but need climbing surfaces and a tight lid. Take into account how much light, water, heat and climbing surface your pets will need.

    • 2). Assemble a PVC egg-crate frame for your substrate. PVC egg-crate is a type of plastic framing that is easily cut. This forms the ground your amphibians will crawl on. Use aquarium glue to hold the cut pieces of egg crate together. Then glue the mesh to the egg crate to form a surface.

    • 3). Install aquarium heaters or pumps, depending on the setup.

    • 4). Glue substrate to the PVC egg-crate frame. On submerged pieces of the surface, use only aquarium gravel or stones. For structures above the waterline, glue a layer of dry clay pellets, then place sphagnum moss above it. Use excess substrate to cover any part of the tank bottom not covered by the PVC frame.

    • 5). Fill with water to your predetermined waterline. This will vary with the species you are keeping. Prime and activate pumps and aquarium heaters.

    • 6). Decorate the vivarium. Place potted or aquatic plants on the substrate. Affix plastic hanging plants to the walls of the vivarium. Place driftwood or rock work in desired location. Additional sphagnum moss can cover seams and add realism.

    • 7). Secure lid and any external lighting. The vivarium is now ready for your amphibians.

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