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Hotels in Progreso, Yucatan

    Hotel Yakunah

    • This hotel, located directly opposite the beach, is just a 10-minute walk from the center of town. The hotel's owners, a Dutch couple, boast that their rooms are large and fully equipped. Wireless Internet is available for guests. Other amenities include a pool, a restaurant, a bar and a hammock area. The hotel's website has an English language section.

      Hotel Yakunah

      Calle 23 (21) No. 64x48 y 50

      Colonia Ismael Garcia,

      Progreso, Yucatan



    Hotel Costa Yucatan

    • This Caribbean-themed resort has a variety of rooms available, from standard accommodations to the honeymoon suite. The hotel is air-conditioned and features other modern amenities such as cable television and Internet service. Guests may enjoy the pool area, while parents will appreciate the kids-only swimming pool. Visitors can book fishing tours or airport pick-up from the front desk. The website has an English language section.

      Hotel Costa Yucatan

      Calle 40 No. 238 x 23 y 25

      Colonia Ismael García

      Progreso, Yucatán



    Casa Aliso Bed and Breakfast

    • This small bed and breakfast is run by a retired Canadian couple. The property, originally a beach home, has two rooms available for guests. Amenities include a dipping pool, an outdoor bar and a landscaped courtyard. Guests should note that because of the small nature of the business, the hotel does not accept credit cards and visitors should be prepared to pay with cash.

      Casa Aliso Bed and Breakfast

      21 84, Progreso,

      Yucatan, Mexico‎


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