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Inspired Design - The Art, Idea and Cost of Apparel

A true inspired design is looking at a blank sketchpad, thinking what we want to contribute from our mind to our hands.
We think and then we draw.
The balance of what we place on the sketchpad and what is composed to a garment is so different.
The first part of a composition is to define a well sort out plan with a measurement of beauty.
The balances are the tendencies of what would look best and how we place the parts together.
Sometimes it takes days and months to finish the first created sample.
While this is a tedious defeat, the finished design is a work of art.
The inspired designer thinks clearly about the designs created.
This does not come from looking at images of what is new and trendy.
Yes, a trend is what enlightens the prospect of an audience at the most part.
However, not all trends and fashion styles work for everyone.
Unique vision comes from one mind.
An inspiration comes from within the heart and soul.
Whether we create from an artistic view or an intellectual view, we all hope to give something unique and beautiful to set in the minds of others.
When it comes to the basics of clothing, we are at the point of an economic glitch.
However, is there a difference between a real investment and a disposable waste? Yes, this is a big difference.
As we hope that from the view of a creator, he or she would implement the product of quality, careful thought and the unrestricted sense of longevity as an American icon.
From a view of the consumer, we hope that they understand the investment for a true inspired design leads to quality, true talent and a source to invest in their own economy.
A wise investment in clothing sets an ultimate goal, of being worth the price.
Why this comes to mind is because with each inspired and creative design of an evening gown, a business suit or any apparel from a unique designer is a long process and a well-deserved price.
Has the inspired designer been penalized by the cost? Would we prefer to be in a place, which takes away the quality of a design, the inspired design? As the saying goes, we get what we pay for.
This effect on retail sets an off price reality of no quality, no talent and the product at hand is easier to get with an abundance of piracy and outsourcing at a cheaper price.
This means fewer jobs, lost integrity, ingenuity and the inferior of the icon made in America.
If we live in America, why would we not want our economy to flourish? We all would agree the costs are high.
However, do we recognize that if we invest in our country and our inspired designers the cost would come down? Is this a possibility? The difference between the inspired designer and the inspired pirate is the difference between a rock and a stone.
We have the choice to keep the rock and a choice to set stones.

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