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Tools For Auto Repair - Cutting Pliers, Wire Cutters, Snips

Every toolbox needs the essentials, but how do you know what's essential when there are thousands of tools? One man's essential tool is another man's useless gadget. But there are some tools that every wrench-turner has handy. Essential to this mechanic is a tool that I will use over and over, in lots of different ways. A good set of cutting pliers is just such a tool. We refer to these as "snips" in our shop, and a good pair of snips will get used over and over again.

You can use them for wiring, cable cutting, or a million other times when you need some sharp cutters that won't let you down. When you're putting together that perfect tool kit, make sure you have a good pair of snips, you will find they are a go-to tool.

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