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Numerology"s Cornerstone - How You View the Material World

Want to know what someone thinks about the world they live in?What their attitude is towards the material things in life.
Numerology tells us that the name you use can tell us how someone views the outside world; we just need to look at their Cornerstone letter.
The Cornerstone is the first letter of your use name; the common name you go by.
This letter shows us your attitude towards the material world, the world of things.
It predicts your thinking reaction to the outside world.
It has a subtle affect on your Destiny and Key numbers.
The Cornerstone values and their meanings are listed below.
Cornerstone (A) This letter encourages leadership and original thinking.
You tend to be assertive and aggressive, thrusting your views forward.
You have an assurance about your plans and ideas, and prefer to act, rather than to stand still.
Cornerstone (B) This letter encourages cooperation.
You tend to be a good partner or team member, sensitive to the needs of others.
You have an appreciation of beauty, music, and the arts.
You tend to improve things rather than start them from scratch.
Cornerstone (C) This letter empowers your creativity.
You tend to be outgoing, to express yourself well, and probably have some skill at performing in public.
You need to interact with people in order to be happy.
Cornerstone (D) This letter enhances your practicality.
You tend to bring a solid orthodox view to life.
You are willing to work long and hard to get what you want, practicing patience and planning well.
Cornerstone (E) This letter enhances your communication skills.
You tend to approach life with an openness and versatility, adapting to the circumstances you find.
You get right to the heart of the matter.
Cornerstone (F) This letter enhances friendship and harmony in your life.
You tend to approach life with a need for balance and order.
You tend to be responsible and need to use your creativity to be happy in life.
Cornerstone (G) This letter enhances your self-reliance.
You tend to be withdrawn, and to prefer solitude for your thinking.
You are willing to work hard for what you believe in.
You probably have a stubborn streak.
Cornerstone (H) This letter enhances your ability to earn material wealth.
You have a nose for business and can work tenaciously towards your goals.
You like earning money for its own sake.
Cornerstone (I) This letter encourages your idealism.
You tend to be a strong humanitarian and have a romantic streak to you.
You dislike interference with your plans.
You know what you want from life.
Cornerstone (J) This letter enhances your mental judgment.
You have a strong sense of self and prefer to act in any given situation.
If you proceed with caution, you tend to reach your ends.
Cornerstone (K) This letter enhances inspiration both for yourself and others.
You can cooperate, but your idealism may be a problem.
You hate to lose at anything.
You will project nervous energy towards those around you.
Cornerstone (L) This letter enhances your sociability; your skills at interacting with people.
You tend to love life and to draw others to you.
You tend to like the lighter side of life; seriousness repels you.
You are at ease at social gatherings.
Cornerstone (M) This letter enhances your integrity.
You tend to be strong willed, but able to compromise for the greater good.
You are conservative and straight forward in your thinking.
You focus on the problem at hand when the need arises.
Cornerstone (N) This letter enhances your popularity with other people.
You tend to enjoy life and the company of others.
You like change for its own sake.
You also like to play and to indulge in your pleasures.
You need to work on self-discipline and try to learn from your mistakes.
Cornerstone (O) This letter encourages learning and scholarship in life.
You tend to be studious, and to remember what you've learned in life.
You have strong will-power and self-discipline.
Cornerstone (P) This letter enhances self-knowledge.
You tend to be spiritual, and will be drawn to religion, metaphysics, or the occult in some manner.
You tend to look inward for answers, rather than seeking the council of others.
Cornerstone (Q) This letter encourages the unusual and unorthodox in your life.
You tend to be intuitive, and 'march to the beat of a different drummer'.
You also have a good nose for business.
Cornerstone (R) This letter enhances your will and determination.
You tend to have a wide range of interests, with a strong inner need to achieve something in life.
You are self-confident and though you have material needs, you are unwilling to abusepeople to meet them.
Cornerstone (S) This letter enhances your ambition.
You crave success in all phases of your life.
You tend to be shrewd and powerful in those areas where you apply yourself.
Cornerstone (T) This letter enhances trust and friendship in your life.
You tend to be nervous and would rather follow the lead of others.
You dislike competition and crave affection.
Cornerstone (U) This letterenhances your outgoingness, your desire to interact with people.
You tend to be open and to thrive on contact with others.
You also tend to be happy-go-lucky, attracting good fortune, and then losing it easily.
Cornerstone (V) This letter encourages achievement.
You tend to make dynamic plans that work.
You can bring about great change, not only in your own life but in the lives of those around you.
You can be ruthless at times.
Cornerstone (W) This letter encourages versatility and a love of change.
You tend to live a chaotic and diverse life, in which pleasure and change of scenery are as important as the work you do.
You are mentally quick on your feet, adaptable, and you communicate well.
Cornerstone (X) This letter enhances your personal magnetism and attention to detail.
You tend to sacrifice your own needs for those of a cause or major belief that you hold dear.
You have a certain glamour and sensuality about you that drawspeople to you.
Cornerstone (Y) This letter enhances perception and intuition.
You tend to see many choices, many facets to a problem.
You have difficulty in being decisive and making decisions.
You tend to have many different interests and causes in life.
You may exhibit psychic ability.
Cornerstone (Z) This letter encourages power and an unconventional lifestyle.
You tend to enjoy luxury and a good home life.
You literally draw power, fame, and financial success to you.
You may have a strong interest in metaphysics or the occult.

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