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Survival, The Full Time Job Of Those Who Make It

When it comes down to it, survival is a sure bet that you win when you have persistence within you and outside of yourself.
Now sure, people can make it with all the outer advantages "easily", not so "easily" with all of the inner advantages and none of the outer trappings.
But, consider what this article is about: Survival is an all the time thing for people who use their resources right.
I am not saying bad or good, positive or negative, but in a right way, not a wrong way.
Sure, nobody loves a loser, and a loser is just a person who uses their resources in a consistently wrong way.
A winner, on the other hand, uses their resources in a right way.
Sometimes it is for good, sometimes it is for bad, but rest assured, they are in control and winning.
Look, either side of the coin can come up.
It can be wrong or it can be right, all that it depends on is the bet that is made for any side to come up.
Survival and achievement in any direction depends solely on the right use of resources, not necessarily good or bad.
This is the key to understanding the full context game that life is.
Sure, wrong exists, but it will never work right because it is wrong.
The wrong use of resources leads to the wrong results as the right use of gun powder and a bullet leads to a gunshot and either hitting a target or the death of somebody.
My point is that right is right and wrong is wrong as conditions, it does not matter what side you are on.
If you do something wrong you get wrong results, if you do it right, you get right results.
So, think about this: Right gain leads to more right gain, and anything wrong ultimately leads to loss.
The essential message of this article is that genuine survival is the permanent employment you always have of genuinely getting it right, for the real death or succumbing is quitting the first time you get it wrong.
As long as there is persistence and perseverance, there is a chance of getting things right.
Only when you quit out of fear, does anything really wrong happen.
We can all think at the key point of loss, "what is the use, there is not any chance I will get it right" or we can get it right after it was done wrong because we have more experience in what to do.
Your choice, my choice, the choice of everyone.

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