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One World in One Cup

The time is nigh The passion tide is high Date is June 11, 2010 The place of war is South Africa A place of peace; the land of the 91 years old Madiba For 30 days, The universe will live in one cup.
30 days of pride and humility 30 days of fortune and misfortune 30 days of sun and rain One world in one cup! Winners aloft with joy, Losers aloft with sadness.
Winners and fans drenched in the sun, Losers and their shadows alone drenched in the rain.
One world in one cup! 30 days sans bombs and explosions 30 days sans volcanic eruptions But, 30 days of (possible)earthquakes - A Nigeria beating Argentina, A Cote D'Ivoire beating Brazil, Or, U.
A winning the World Cup! One World in One Cup! Round and round is the world Just like the foolish round leather Kicked around by 32 knights of war An icon of life and death So mysterious, it evokes joy and sadness When caught by the enemy's net One world in one cup! Time to let go of war Time to let go of politics Time to let go of religion Time to let go of diseases and sicknesses The beautiful game is here It is the healing time One world in one cup! The battle of 32 knights And only 1 will survive 31 flags to be lowered All Joyful in humiliating pride - Like masked brides given to the bridegroom.
Fair by providence or fair by talent? One world in a cup! Which of the 32 knights will hold the world aloft on July 11, 2010? Not by the might of the gods we see - The Messis, The Christain Ronaldos, The Ronaldinhos, No, not by their famous prowess But by providence, the true hand of God Who made the world for eternal peace Beyond the World Cup One world in one cup! It is just a tick away For the world to become one, So perfect, so Indivisible Like the eternal, pure gold- game sought by the 32 knights of war, The immortal creation of Silvio Gazzaniga.
That the game of life is a World Cup, No victor; no vanquished Then and only then can peace reign in the world One world in one cup!

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