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Barbie Themed Party Ideas!

Invitations: Choose die cut paper that look like clothes Barbie would wear, such as a fancy dress or fun purse.
Glue these on the front of blank note cards or card stock and decorate with glittery gel pens and glitter glue.
You can even use cutouts from a fashion magazine or even attach the invite to a bottle of nail polish or a pair of fashion sunglasses.
Remind party guests to wear their prettiest pink clothes and bring their favorite Barbie doll.
This is a really cute invitation idea - take a photo of the birthday child dressed up all dirty and with ugly clothes, hair all messed up.
This will be the BEFORE picture.
Then, clean them up and dress them up with nice clothes, hair and make-up and take an AFTER picture.
Glue the before and after on the front of the card and on the inside use the caption in bold letters "Join us for a Barbie Makeover!" Decorations: Pink and very fashionable of course! Create the interior of a Barbie dream house with girlie touches everywhere.
Bows, sparkles, flowers and candles should do the trick.
Decorate your tables with pink tablecloths, white doilies and sprinkle with sequins and pink candies.
Add bouquets of pink and white balloons around the party room with bunches of twisted matching streamers.
Hang Barbie Posters around the area and do not forget to bring out all your child's barbie dolls, accessories and toys.
Activities: Have a Barbie Makeover.
Allow all of the girls to dress up when they arrive.
Pull out old dresses, shoes, hats, scarves and accessories from your closet (friends and family too) for dress-up time.
Second Hand and Salvation Army stores can be a great spot to visit for these type of finds.
Have an area set aside for a quick kid-friendly makeover, complete with lip gloss, hand mirrors, simple makeup and a full-length mirror to admire the results.
After the girls get glamorous, have a space for Barbie's makeover as well.
Have brushes and ribbon on hand for a quick Barbie hair makeover.
What's the highlight of fashionable child parties? A fashion show of course! You'll want to assign an area to be the walkway.
You can use a long piece of fabric or carpet to be the walkway.
To create the effect of a real fashion show you'll want to make curtains in a door way so that the kids can stand behind them and come out one by one.
You can even just hang sheets from the ceiling on both sides of the long walkway.
Blinking strings of Christmas lights also create a wonderful effect! Make sure to record the moment and take plenty of pictures! Games: Play Hot Purse, which is traditional Hot Potato but with a twist! The winner of each round wears a special Barbie tiara for the next round.
The children sit in a circle and pass around a purse while the music plays.
In Hot Purse the person holding the purse is considered the winner of the round and gets to open the purse and choose a small, wrapped prize.
The last player standing can win the purse! Play Barbie Relay.
This is a race to see who can dress her Barbie the fastest.
Give all players similar clothing, including pants, shirt and shoes.
You can make this game a bit harder by adding a blindfold or a pair of gloves.
Crafts: Give the kids a creative opportunity to be young designers.
What you'll need is pre-cut pieces of card stock paper in a shape of a body or mannequin form.
Provide the guests with each crayons, markers, glue, gems, buttons, scissors, scrap fabric, etc.
to decorate and make up their own unique fashions - much like paper dolls.
Other popular activities include bracelet making, frame decorating or t-shirt designing.
Party Food: Keep it Pink! - everything really is prettier in pink! Serve heart shaped sandwiches filled with strawberry jam and marshmallow fluff or open faced mini croissants covered in raspberry cream cheese with fresh raspberries on top.
How about an array of fresh fruit with pink Cool Whip for dipping or strawberries dipped in white chocolate that has been died pink.
Snacks could be pink popcorn and pink sugar cookies.
The possibilities are endless with just a few drops of red food colouring - anything from whips, chocolates, cheeses and dips can be made pink! A fun beverage could be pink lemonade served with ice cubes that have cherries frozen into them.
There are several options for fun and beautiful Barbie cakes that you can make.
One of the most impressive cakes is to build the cake around an actual Barbie doll.
This is actually fairly easy to make on your own and it is sure to delight the birthday girl and her guests.
All you need to make this cake is a glass baking bowl, cake mix and frosting of your choice, and a Barbie doll.
Simply prepare the cake in the glass bowl - this will serve as the skirt of Barbie's dress.
Let it cool and remove from the bowl, then take an unclothed Barbie and insert her in the middle of the cake, up to her waist (it is easiest to make a small hole for her first).
Next, you make Barbie's dress by applying frosting to the cake, which soon starts to be recognizable as the skirt of her dress.
You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish.
Complete directions for this type of cake can be found on the Internet.
Another option is simply to make or buy a regular sheet cake and decorate it with a picture of Barbie, candles and a birthday message.
You can ask to have the colors of the cake be the same as the decorations that you have used so it will all tie together nicely.
Pink icing, white polka dots and some fabric bows might be nice! Party Favors: You can fill jewelry boxes or small purses with all kinds of accessories such as nail polish, lip-gloss, pink bubble gum, tiaras, dolls,hair clips, sunglasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, doll clothes - anything Girlie! Another great idea for party favors (if you've got a digital camera and color printer) is to take "before" and "after" pictures of the girls and give them a copy along with their other favors.

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