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Top 5 Extra-Caffeine Drinks

Let's face it, not everyone is enthused with decaf. Sometimes you want the caffeine buzz more than the refreshing thrist quench. These drinks will curl your toes and give you that energy burst you crave. (I've include the caffeine content per bottle, but not all bottles are the same size).

1. Jolt Cola

The classic caffeine-laden cola. Jolt is the favoured drink of computer programmers everywhere. Double the caffeine of Coke in a variety of new flavours. Contrary to popular belief, Jolt doesn't have any more sugar than regular soft drinks. Their new cans are resealable, to help keep the fizz in.(72mg in 12oz)More »

2. Red Bull

Red Bull is a sweet caffinated energy drink, with high levels of caffeine and taurine. Even a dose of several B vitamins. Unlike other caffeinated drinks, Red Bull isn't a cola and has a unique taste. The can is a little smaller than usual, but with even more caffiene than Jolt.(80mg in 8oz)More »

3. Bawls

Their soft drink is made with guarana, which is higher in caffeine than the more commonly-used cola nut. It has a lighter taste that typical colas, and also comes in a sugar-free format. They even make caffeinated mints.(80mg in 12oz)More »

4. Water Joe

If you're looking for caffeine, but don't care for the taste of cola, try Water Joe. It's plain spring water, with added caffeine. It's not as highly caffeinated as some of the other brands, but Water Joe is still a unique drink with no calories, sugar or carbs. How healthy is that? (60mg in 17oz)More »

5. Afri-Cola

A very strong and sweet cola drink in a curvy bottle. Afri-cola is made with quality ingredients that you can really taste, and it sure packs a caffeine punch. Warning, much of their website is in German. (250mg in 11oz)More »

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