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Panama East

Panama is a country of diversity.
This includes its terrain, culture and people.
Each part of the country is a treasure waiting to be discovered and makes your Panama visit a wholesome experience.
Panama East is the most untouched part of the country and is a true personification of all that comes to a person's mind when you think of tropical ecosystems.
This part of the country consists basically of two provinces, the Darien and the Kuna Yala.
There is much to see and do here, but do bear in mind that you will experience nature at its best and conditions may be quite rustic.
If you are up to the challenge of exploring this wonderful land then Panama East beckons.
Best time to visit The best season to visit this part of Panama would greatly depend on the activities that interest you.
January to May is basically the time most visitors prefer to visit as the rains are somewhat less during these months.
If you interested in diving in the seas here, then avoid January to April as the sea tends to be quite turbulent.
Instead plan a visit to Panama East from August to November.
How to get there The only way to get to Panama East is by a flight from Panama City.
Both Air Panama and Aeroperlas offer you daily flights to this area.
The air strips in the Darien and Kuna Yala area are fairly basic and flights land on several airstrips.
So do ensure that you book the right flight that matches with your travel and accommodation plans.
Ideally you should make your reservation at the lodges and hotels you intend to stay in ahead of time so that you are assured of a comfortable room when you get there.
What to do You can go diving and snorkeling and discover the beauty of the Caribbean reefs.
This is an experience that may seem unparalleled but there is still much to see in the Darien and Kuna Yala regions.
A visit to the Kuna, Emberá, and Wounaan villages offers you a window into the culture and lives of the natives of the region.
How about taking a canoe ride through a river in the midst of the tropical rainforest? Plan a visit to the San Blas Islands and enjoy the resplendent waters and clean virgin beaches, and take home picture that will be the envy of all your friends.
If you enjoy sport fishing then there are several fishing lodges that Darien boasts of and are sure to offer you great fishing.
If you decide to hike in this part of the world be sure to have an experienced guide by your side.
Lodges and hotels offer meals, guides and transportation and they are located in areas far from civilization.
One of the best accommodations in this area is offered by the Reserva Natural Punta Patiño at La Palma, which is owned and run by Panama's largest conservation group.
A stay on the reserve assures you a chance to see the flora and fauna that is unique to the area.
This includes a range wide species of birds.
To add a dramatic element of history to your visit, visit Fuerte de Boca Chica, a Spanish fortress that was built to protect gold mines from pirates.
The fort is now in ruins but gives you a good feel of the kind of action that it saw centuries ago.
A visit to Panama East reveals a side of the country and region that is often missed by travelers.
Do plan your visit ahead of time and carry adequate insect repellent and the spirit of adventure and exploration with you.

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