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Diamond Engagement Ring

Before making a diamond purchase one must know the 4 C's first; carat weight, diamond clarity, diamond color and diamond cut (not shape).
Other advanced characteristics of diamonds include diamond fluorescence and diamond enhancements.
Nothing will impress your loved one more than a diamond ring, diamond earing, or diamond pendant.
These are gifts that will last forever, as the saying goes "diamonds are forever".
In Western tradition, an engagement ring is a ring worn by a woman indicating her engagement in marriage.
In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, it is worn on the left-hand ring finger, while in other countries, such as Poland and Ukraine, it is customary for the ring to be worn on the right-hand.
By modern convention in countries such as the United States, the ring is usually presented as a betrothal gift by a man to his prospective bride while or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal.
The engagement ring represents a formal agreement to future marriage.
Engagement Rings come in a variety of styles these days.
There are several designs to choose from when it is time to purchase your engagement ring.
The styles following styles to choose from : Solitaire Tiffany setting, Solitaire cathedral setting, Setting with baguette diamonds, Diamond trinity setting, and a Channel setting ring.
These are some of the most basic designs out there.
Diamonds are made of a crystallized form of carbon created under extreme heat and pressure.
This process makes diamonds the hardest mineral we know of.
Thats why a diamond gift will last a very, very long time.

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