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How to Troubleshoot HID Bulbs on a 2004 Prius

    • 1). Turn off the headlights and be sure the lights are cool. HID lights are hotter than conventional halogen bulbs.

    • 2). Open the hood by pulling the lever next to the driver's seat. Insert the support rod in the slot on the hood to keep it open. Remove the front engine compartment cover using a Philips head screwdriver to aid in loosen the screw tabs.

    • 3). Swap the HID bulbs. If an inoperative bulb works in the other headlamp housing, the problem lies elsewhere. Remove the headlight connector by turning it counterclockwise then remove the rubber cover. Release the retaining spring to remove the bulb.

    • 4). Swap the ballasts. The power supplies for the HID lights can be detached. Switch them if both HID bulbs are good. Be sure to detach all cables from the ballasts before moving them.

    • 5). Switch out the cable from the ballast to the power source. If that cable is good, the only other hardware alternative is the cable between the light housing and the ballast. This cable is less likely to fail, but remove it from both the headlight housing and the ballast.

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