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How Long Until the Indonesia Tectonic Plate Breaks Completely - Then What?

After the huge Indonesia earthquake several years ago that created the great tsunami that killed 200,000 people, scientists looked into just how bad the danger was.
They have discovered deep cracks in the tectonic plate in that area of the world.
This coincides with the Earth's crust being very thin there.
Scientists now say the entire tectonic plate could crack in half or multiple pieces causing huge amounts of heat from the Earth's interior warming the oceans and causing a huge climactic shift in our weather.
This would be a doomsday scenario quite worse than all the global warming projections made by Al Gore and his scary movie.
Those in the know do not want to make too many waves or scare too many people, but the threat is real and it could easily happen in our lifetimes.
How long until the tectonic plate breaks no one knows, but it could be very soon.
There has not been a lot of talk about this, because of the ramifications and rapid changes that might take place.
Nevertheless, there are scientists studying this right now as we speak and they are very worried and although we cannot do anything about it, perhaps we should all be worried as well.
The question is what can we do about it and can we get any reliable information from the governments of the world about this serious situation.
If a comet was going to hit the earth would the governments of the world tell the people? In most of the cataclysmic event type genres, government usually does not tell the people, as to not create panic.
This is something to definitely contemplate in 2008.

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