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Truth About the Glycemic Impact Diet - Is This Another Fad Diet?

Before you read any further, please read the following sentence several times: FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK, EVER.
In fact, you should have read that sentence the same number of times that you have tried to lose weight with any insane sounding fad diet.
For every oddball book that you have bought in hopes of reaching your goals, for every demented diet plan that is too restrictive, too strict and too difficult to follow- you should go back and read that sentence once again.
The Glycemic Impact Diet is not a fad- you will not lose 50 pounds in five days.
You will not eat all that you want, whenever you want.
You will not stop eating whole groups of foods and stick to unhealthy plans that ruin your metabolism and your body in the process.
Instead you will learn how to make healthier choices for the foods that you like and will address the three main reasons that other diet plans do not work.
Diet Failure Reason One: Difficult to Follow If you need to have a degree in molecular biology to understand the diet plan, it will not work.
If you have to lug around 20 pounds of books, charts, diagrams and fold outs, it will not work.
If you have to program your watch or cell phone to beep at set times to eat set foods in set amounts regardless of how you feel and what you are doing, it will not work at all.
We are supposed to eat to stay alive- we eat when our brain sends out the message that we are hungry.
But humans are social creatures and we eat because we are with friends and family and they are eating too.
We eat because we want to, not only because we need to.
The more time we have to spend figuring out what we are allowed to eat, the less happy we will be and the more likely that we will walk away from the diet plan in utter disgust.
The glycemic impact diet is far simpler to catch on to and once you get the hang of which foods are good for you, it is a snap to follow.
Diet Failure Reason Two: Limited Options Looking at some of the fad diets (repeat after me: FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK, EVER) you will not be surprised that they did not work.
There is the cabbage soup diet, the banana diet, the rice diet, the grapefruit diet.
You get the picture? These diets are centered and focused on a single food item that is not nutritiously complete and limits the other food groups and choices dramatically.
Sure you will lose weight, but once you break down and eat something not on the list you will not only gain it back but probably will add more in the bargain.
Any diet plan that arbitrarily bans an entire food group is bound to fail.
Any diet plan that centers on a single food, even a healthy food such as cabbage or grapefruit, is going to fail.
Unless you have extremely serious self control (and if you are overweight, the chances are really not that great that you do) you will never be able to stick to such a restrictive, limited eating plan, nor should you.
Humans are very complex creatures with many nutritional needs.
A single food, regardless of what it is, will not give you everything that you need.
Skimping on any nutrient is not only setting you up for failure in your diet, but is also going to cause health problems as well.
Diet Failure Reason Three: Constant Feelings of Hunger Your stomach sends up the message that it is empty and in need of food to your brain.
The brain gets this hunger signal and releases the hormones that will make you eat food.
The hungrier you allow yourself to become, the less likely you will be to make good food choices.
Many of the food plans that are involved with fad diets include very low calorie counts.
The amount of calories that you need each day will vary depending on a number of different factors.
If the calories that you eat are higher than what you burn, you will gain weight.
If you take in less than what you need to maintain your weight, you will not gain.
If you take in less than what you actually burn each day, you will lose weight.
The fad diets take this to the extreme, however, and try to encourage the dieter to eat extremely low calorie counts, promising fast weight loss.
While you will see some weight loss, it is not maintainable nor is it safe to do so this way.
Eventually your body's sense of self preservation will win out and you will eat more than you intend to.
In addition, extremely low calorie counts will ruin your metabolism as well.
Low Glycemic Foods and Diet Plans If you choose to eat low glycemic foods, you have far more options to choose from and can chose the right amount of food for you.
You can switch your favorites for those foods with lower glycemic indexes and you will be happy, healthy and will lose weight as well.

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