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Cockroaches - Destined For Global Domination

Cockroaches are perhaps one of the hardiest insects on Earth and have lived here longer than any similar species.
Scientists have gone as far as to predict that someday they alone will dominate the globe, perhaps as a result from a nuclear war or cosmic event.
This revelation is based not only on the cockroach's ability to consume almost anything to gain sustenance but they also resist radiation up to 15 times better than humans and other animals.
Of the 4,000 total species of cockroaches only thirty of them are known to live among people and only four of those species are considered actual pests.
A closer look at this species shows a natural intelligence and strong instincts for survival.
In a recent experiment fifty cockroaches were placed within a secured area that was divided into three parts.
Each section could only hold forty roaches, and scientists were impressed when the insects almost immediately divided into two groups of twenty-five and left the third section completely empty.
When the sections were expanded to allow ten more occupants in each area, all fifty cockroaches grouped together on one room.
While this may not seem substantial, it may provide a key element in how cockroaches have survived longer than any other insect.
Although cockroaches can be found within all parts of the modern world, the United States mainly experiences sightings of the German, American, and Brownbanded Cockroaches.
While many other varieties of the species inhabit North America, they have not yet gained enough of a foothold to be considered common.
Each of these species is between a ½ inch to 1 ½ inches long and prefers to live in dark, moist environments such as beneath refrigerators and around kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
They will readily consume starches, sweets, grease, meat products, glue, leather, and decaying plant or animal matter.
While exploring each of these species will leave behind a type of pheromone within their waste that guides other roaches to nearby supplies of food or water, and a similar method is used to locate proper mates.
If you spot one roach within your home rest assured that there are several others nearby or headed that way.
Before a roach will commit to exploring a new environment, science has proven that the species first considers two factors.
First, it will calculate how many other roaches are within the area.
The phrase, "safety in numbers," may not always apply but it is one of the cockroach's main mantras.
Next, it will consider the relative darkness of the area that it wishes to explore.
It the area is well lit chances are much greater of it being spotted and the roach will likely seek an alternate route.
If a roach infestation is suspected from within the home, the safest method of eliminating them is to seek professional assistance.
There are many contact sprays, powders, and baits that have proven effective but in many cases they will not destroy the colony before the roaches relocate to another area of your home.
Since their resistance of many types of insecticides is high and several of the stronger commercial treatments are also dangerous to humans, a licensed pest control expert can assist you in making the proper decisions for your environment.

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