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Clothes Airer - I Hope It Doesn"t Make Me a Weirdo

Call me a tree hugger if you like - but yes I am crazy! Crazy about my clothes airer.
It does seem an odd thing to be mad about but I do have my reasons...
My clothes airer is a completely reliable drying source, whatever the weather it dries my clothes.
Outdoors when it's sunny and indoors when it's stormy.
Outdoors my robust maxi floor standing airer takes a full load of washing.
Even sheets can be hung.
It is also completely portable and can be moved around to catch the sun.
Ideal on a patio or even a south facing verandah or balcony and it folds up flat to be stored when not in use.
Ideal for using in hot sun because the plastic covering is protected from the ultra violet rays.
My clothes airer is loyal and trustworthy, You may think these are qualities of a good employee and how right you are! My airer is completely reliable and is there as a permanent servant ready to dry the clothes.
My clothes airer is not judgmental and can be relied on all day, all night and with any piece of clothing.
It holds cashmere, cottons and woollens all at the same time with no shrinking stretching or miss-shaping.
My clothes airer preserves the life of my clothes.
No beating or no tossing around in a drum.
No over cooking or fluff removal.
Fluff is simply the actual body of my clothes from the wool or fibre used when they are first made.
My clothes last longer and look better for longer, saving me time and money.
My clothes airer gives me more time to myself.
It introduced me to a more natural laundry cycle.
I welcome the longer drying cycle as it frees me up to do other things.
I can allocate time for hobbies and friends and can practise my guitar, learn the blues or a new song.
I can meet with friends for a mah-jong game.
Whatever hobby I can think of is possible with an airer.
Even sky--diving or bungee jumping fit into the natural daily drying cycle.
At first my friends thought I was completely weird.
After all replacing a modern appliance such as a tumble dryer with a clothes airer was unheard of.
My how they 'ribbed me'.
Jibes of 'bringing back the dark ages are we?' and 'did your granny leave you this in her will?' But when they saw how easy it was to operate they began to think.
How wonderful it is to reduce your carbon footprint with every laundry load.
I often whistle with delight as I hang my clothes up.
I also love the beautiful fresh smell they have when they're dry.
Another benefit as a result of not getting overheated in the tumble dryer.
The idea of carbon offset is not for me, and planting a tree every time I drive is too much.
But hanging clothes to dry can be done almost every day with ease! Now, my friends are copying me.
They are installing airers and discovering the joy of the natural drying system in their homes.
Having a clothes airer will also save your money as well as making a contribution to the planet.
Nothing weird in that!

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