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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes - Steps For Success

Every year, thousands of people try to stop smoking.
They join support groups, buy nicotine patches or gum, and spend money on books about how to quit smoking cigarettes.
But only a few of these people succeed in their goal to stop smoking.
Often times, these would-be quitters are thwarted from their goal because of their own defeatist attitude.
They can't quit because they don't believe that they can.
Every method they try and fail at seems to affirm this belief.
But there is a way to break this cycle of failure and achieve the goal of quitting this nasty habit.
If you want to know how to quit smoking cigarettes, you must first break down the two different aspects of addiction.
The first aspect is physical.
Nicotine is a drug contained in cigarettes and, after a while, smokers become addicted to it.
When they try to quit, they go through withdrawal, and the physical symptoms of this drug withdrawal often drives them back to the cigarettes that they now desperately crave.
Fortunately, there is help available.
Nicotine replacement therapy, or NRT, can help to curb cravings when they get really intense.
Nicotine patches, gum, spray, inhalers, or lozenges release controlled amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream to help curb those cravings.
The amount of nicotine can be gradually decreased until the smoker no longer needs it to fight off the cravings.
The second aspect of addiction crucial in learning how to quit smoking cigarettes is the psychological addiction.
If you believe that you will fail, then that is exactly what will happen.
It is important for the smoker to believe that he or she has the ability to take control of this addiction and defeat it.
It is also important for the smoker not to give up if he or she has a momentary lapse and gives in to temptation.
It's just a one-time lapse; it doesn't need to become a renewed addiction.
Instead of losing hope after a lapse, you should think about the many other days you were able to go without a cigarette and draw strength to continue from this.
Finally, set up a support structure for yourself.
Tell your friends and family that you've decided to quit smoking, but that you need their help and encouragement in order to succeed.
They will cheer you on and keep you on track when you're tempted to give in to an urge.
And now that you know how to quit smoking cigarettes, it's time for action.
Decide to quit now.

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