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Go Ahead and Wallow in Your Self-Pity - But Don"t Bother Me, I"ve Been Pretty Busy (Local Economics)

So many folks are complaining about the economy these days, it seems that the media and this presidential election process has had a huge psychological affect on them, they actually believe even if they have a good job, roof over their head and are living well, that the whole economy and this nation is in a hand basket on its way to hell? Just for kicks, I have been getting up each morning and going to a different coffee shop throughout the Coachella Valley to observe what the street says, what people are thinking and how they feel about things.
On everyone's mind are the high oil-prices, which indeed are a real issue and yet, when you get them talking and perhaps the caffeine helps they go into what is more like a misery song of doom and gloom.
They talk about job losses, unemployment, and the horrible economy? It's just amazing all of the negative talk, especially considering how good things are.
Now mind you, I have been through a quite a few recessions in my time, and I can recall things being a whole lot worse than this in prior periods, right now things are fine.
No we are breaking any speed records, well that's not true, some industries are, but most are just ho-hum.
It appears people have become lazy from this last incredible boom cycle, where there was so much money flow, folks hardly had to do anything to make a living.
Even small businesses, didn't even have to give good customer service, and corporate America, don't get me started there; you became a number and it was like they didn't even care.
Now, you are getting a little better customer service, have you noticed that? They really act like they appreciate your business, why - because they do! Let me tell you a quick story about a guy I met this morning at the coffee shop, a regular, he was a nice guy, middle 40's and had worked as a middle manager in Corporate America, skilled laborer in construction and also as a small business person doing such things as construction clean up.
He is still living well and his wife has a decent job.
He drives a brand-new pick-up, much nicer than mine and had plenty of money for the $5.
00 Latte custom coffee drink and an over-priced pastry.
We talked for three-hours and we were joined by many other locals, during that time, they would sit down for 15-20 minutes and then off to work, or activities.
During this time he complained about the economy, and that he had no work.
I offered suggestions of places to work or ideas to re-launch his little business which was only keeping him busy now and again.
He had an excuse for everything and kept on complaining; using all the local and national news sound bites and excuses about the troubles in the economy.
The reality was, he didn't want to work, so should he really even be considered in the unemployment numbers or as an example of a so-called crumbling economy? I'd say that this guy ought to thank the land of abundance that allows him to sit and BS for 3 hours, maybe more, as he was still there when I left, without working.
What a great nation this is and what a great land of opportunity this is.
And in all this he had the right to convince himself he was in misery due to the economy.
Whatever floats your boat? My belief is that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" and if you choose not to perform, you only have yourself to blame, so buy yourself a mirror, but please leave the rest of us out of this.

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