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How to Customize a Honda S2000

    • 1). Have your Honda S2000 painted in a unique color. Cobalt blue, orange, purple and yellow are a few possibilities. A variety of finishes are available if you are looking for something unique. Some paints have specs of a gold or silver substance for a more custom look.

    • 2). Add a front-under spoiler. A front spoiler resembles a body kit, but the molding is placed only in the front of the S2000 beneath the front of the car. It decreases the ground clearance in the front giving the already sporty S2000 a more sporty look.

    • 3). Install headrest speakers. The speakers are built into a plastic molding that is identical in shape to the headrest of the S2000. The headrests must be connected to the audio system, and this task may require professional installation.

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