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The Best Gout Home Remedies

The human body functions in a way that all the food consumed by us, that are broken down in the body to produce energy gives the relevant bits to the body cells for growth and development, whereas the rest form uric acid.
This acid is then mixed in the bloodstream, which is constantly purified by the kidneys that help in getting rid of the acid in the form of urine.
However, sometimes the formation of the uric acid in the body is so strong that the kidneys are not able to maintain the right levels, and there is uric acid left in the body even after urination.
It is at this point that the joints of the body start to develop lumpy patches, and this condition is referred to as gout.
The body parts most susceptible to the tender patches are elbows, ankles, knees, toes etc.
Gout initially seems painless and harmless, but as the days go by, it starts to worsen, and patients start to suffer from sudden and short bursts of pain.
People with arthritis are more prone to this disease, but health experts say that the main reason actually is the bad lifestyle habits that people follow these days.
Due to increasing carelessness towards their health, gout is now seen affecting more and more people.
Thankfully, there are some home remedies that can help one to cure gout.
These can be used in combination with medication prescribed by a doctor for quicker results.
One of the easiest gout home remedies is to consume a lot of water.
The human body needs water as much as it needs air to breathe.
Water helps the body to get rid of all the unwanted substances, and helps in the formation and excretion of the right levels of uric acid, thereby maintaining the balance in the body.
Cherries and berries of all kinds, such as strawberries, blueberries etc.
should be consumed heavily.
Apart from that, one should also try and include a lot of Vitamin C rich foods in the diet.
It is advisable to mix Epsom salt in the water that one uses to bathe.
It will help in reducing the pain caused by gout.
Foods that are rich in purines need to be avoided as much as possible.
These include shellfish, cauliflower, herring fish etc.
Instead, one should consume carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta, rice etc.
Alcohol can worsen the condition of those suffering from gout, and can sometimes even be the cause of it.
It affects the functioning of the kidneys badly, and is best avoided.
It is also advisable to avoid sugary foods, including those, which contain artificial sweeteners.
One must exercise regularly to maintain the right body weight.
Do not attempt to go in for crash diets or any other form of dieting, as it can severely affect your nutritional intake, causing gout.
The tender patches in gout should never be treated with hot or cold compresses.
Unlike other forms of pain, gout pain does not respond to such compresses, and can instead worsen the condition.

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