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Signs of Infertility-Do You Have Them?

Women have given serious thought about infertility. They are grievously dealing the problem, though most of them do not know where it begins until they finally decide to have a baby. There are several indications resulting to infertility and vary from every woman to another, giving rise to a complicated relationship with their men.

When trying to get pregnant, a regular consultation with one’s doctor (OBGYN) is recommended. Unprotected sexual intercourse in a 3 times a week frequency for the past couple of years tells us that the couple is trying to have a baby. When pregnancy does not occur, a thorough and mature informative discussion between the doctor and the couple is seriously be considered. This is to address all avenues of possible infertility in both men and women. It is the common belief that the irregular menstrual cycle of a woman may have caused the misconception. This concept is entirely wrong and absurd.

Irregularity in one’s menstrual cycle could be one of the factors but not necessarily the dominant rational explanation leading to infertility. Malnutrition, weight problems and disorders and even sport activities can have a contribution to the infertile condition of a woman. A great possibility of hormonal imbalances could have set the condition in place. In addition to the commission of infertility are alcohol, substances and abuse of illegal drugs. Habitual use of non-prescription drugs or illegal drugs in rapid constant repetition harms the body specifically the reproductive system. When the reproductive system is impaired or damaged, malfunctions are bound to happen and hinder the proper development of fetuses.

Infertility is of great possibility in men. Physiological problems, deformities and disorders may indicate this nightmare. Considering one factor for instance, is a case of misplaced testicles or lack of testicle which is generally a congenital condition and maybe inherited. There are other factors like habitual wearing of tight fitting underwear or skin tight jeans could suffocate and strangle the testicles resulting to internal disorder in one’s reproductive system leading to a low sperm count and disability to impregnate. Excessive exposure to intense heat is one contributing factor to infertility which deters the scrotum and gonads to perform its intended tasks. Infertility is a condition and a state of being. It could be permanent or a temporary one. There are remedies available to arrest the problem when detected in its earliest stage. Abuse of the body could be controlled and eventually eradicated. Deformities and abnormalities could be repaired and restored to facilitate synonymous functions with the similar desired results.

In most cases infertility indicators are the same in both men and women. Both may be suffering from obesity, substance abuse and alcoholism A woman fails to conceive due to reproductive system malfunction, while the man’s failure to impregnate is caused by a low sperm count or production of unhealthy semen. In both cases, conception is incomplete. Instead of wrestling with the idea of infertility, the couple should take all the necessary measures and actions to induce ovulation consummating with utmost sexual pleasure and bring about pregnancy.

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