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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for November 2010

Throughout November Mars, which is your ruling planet, is moving through the sign Sagittarius.
As a result, you might express your energy in quite a Sagittarian way.
You'll want to look at the broader picture, and you'll be interested in things which are outside your normal experience.
Overall this is a good thing.
Recently your approach to the world might have been too enclosed, and you needed to adopt, or at least consider, a new perspective.
However you don't want to be in too much of a hurry to embrace the new, especially if money's involved.
Spending money can't create change, and you should be particularly careful about expenditure on travel, spirituality and religion.
A spiritual retreat is a simple method for transferring material resources from one person to another! From November 8 or 9 onwards your financial skills steadily deteriorate and it's possible that you make a serious error of judgement.
You could misunderstand the facts and figures, and reach entirely the wrong conclusion.
On the plus side, on November 5 or 6 there's a New Moon, in your star sign.
Every year there's a New Moon in your star sign, and for many Scorpios it's a new beginning, when you can set yourself new targets.
At the same time, you can abandon aspects from the past which are no longer serving any useful purpose.
So overall, it's rather like a snake shedding its old skin, to make way for a new one.
Two weeks after the New Moon, on November 21, there's a Full Moon.
It's at this stage where the transformation really starts happening.
You understand what's true and what's not, and if something's wrong it'll be quite obvious.
Other people might not understand what's going on, but really, they don't share your sensitivity and intelligence.
From the point of view of relationships, there could be some progress.
Although partners and lovers are keeping a low profile, they're slowly but surely making up their minds, about a number of crucial issues.
And if you don't hurry them, the end result could be very much to your liking.
Having said that, the Full Moon on November 21 could be something of a watershed, where the short-term future becomes cast in stone.
Right at the end of November Mars is making a stressful, 90-degree aspect to Jupiter.
Scorpios are encouraged to do something rash, that could land you in a whole load of trouble.
It's therefore essential that you engage every ounce of your self-discipline.
Extreme measures should be avoided, at all costs.

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