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Writers - 5 Tips to Make the Switch to Copywriting

Want to make the switch to copywriting? Copywriting makes sales, so all businesses need a copywriter's skills.
Compared to other forms of writing, it's very well paid, which makes it attractive to writers as a full time career.
But how do you get started? Many copywriters develop their writing skills in other areas, such as in marketing, and then become copywriters simply because they can make more money.
Or, they use copywriting to subsidize other writing.
For example, I started my writing career as a writer of romance novels, and considered myself a novelist rather than a copywriter for many years.
If you'd like to make the switch to copywriting, these five tips will help.
Can You Write Persuasively? Copywriting is writing to persuade, and often to sell.
If you've ever  persuaded someone to do something, then you can write persuasively.
As a copywriter, you're more interested in the response to your words than other writers: you want your reader to act.
So making the switch to copywriting requires that you think in terms of your audience, and getting them to do something.
This is a knack, a skill, and an art, too.
Write Copy for Your Own Web Site New copywriters need practice.
Your own Web site is a great laboratory for your skills.
You can practice writing advertising, news releases, and advertisements for affiliate products.
If you can sell on your own site, you can sell for others.
Get a Copywriting Mentor Copywriting is changing fast.
The Web has provided many new opportunities for copywriters, so you need a mentor who's experienced in writing all forms of copy.
Your mentor also needs to be experienced in building a business.
Get Your First Copywriting Job Your first copywriting job is important.
Not only does it give you a writing credit and a testimonial, it also gives you confidence -- someone has paid you for your copywriting skills.
I often find that my copywriting students get hung up on interacting with clients.
Please realize that only way to become confident is via experience.
Being nervous at first doesn't mean that you can't become a copywriter making a six figure income, it just means that you're nervous because writing copy is new to you.
Therefore, tell yourself that it's fine to be nervous in the beginning: everyone starts off without experience.
You'll find that your clients are  nervous of you too (writing skills seem like magic to people who don't have them).
Focus on the writing, and you'll forget your nerves.
Get Copywriting Testimonials from Each of Your Clients As you continue getting clients, get testimonials from each client.
You'll need to ask for the testimonial, but you'll find that happy clients are eager to praise your work, and to help you to build your business too.
All business people admire business startups: they know it takes courage, and they remember their own days as a beginner.
So there you have five tips which will help you to make the switch to copywriting.
If you want to make a great money as a writer, copywriting is the field for you.

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