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Diabetes is a Blessing? Testimony Number 2

So, are you convinced that diabetes is a blessing? Did you read testimony #1? What do you think? I am a diabetic individual because I was selected as very exceptional out of ten other brothers and sisters.
I say this because out of the ten without diabetes, six of them are alcoholics.
What I will be describing to you is some ways as a young diabetic to avoid the temptations that you may have growing up in your teens and early twenties.
I will remind you of who knows you best and last of all who is really in control.
If you are in your teen years and taking multiple shots a day to control your sugar diabetes, you may feel different than anyone else.
You are probable into dating and having fun with your friends.
There will be occasions when you go out that will remind you about your sugar diabetes.
Think of those times as blessings to keep you sage.
Again, diabetes really can be a blessing in disguise.
When you are in your twenties you may start college looking to obtain some degrees.
Keep in mind that your well-being comes first.
Yes, you are a diabetic but that also makes you very special.
Most people without the disease take worst care of themselves because at this young age they feel infallible.
The more you learn about yourself the better control you will maintain over you sugar diabetes.
Ask yourself the following questions: What makes you tick? What I mean by this is why do you do what you do? Habit.
not thinking etc.
What is your purpose? Do you really know the answers to these questions or are you too busy with life? I love to learn the new and upcoming treatments for diabetes.
My question to you is this, "Who knows you best"? When you go to your doctor and he/she suggests you do something different with your diabetes always question what they suggests.
After all, it is your body and your life and you are in control of your diabetes.
I use to be a very quiet and insecure person but my diabetes changed all that.
Stay tuned for the next version of living with diabetes.
A very blessed sweet person of fifty years.

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