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Home Remodeling Tips: Redecorating the Bedroom

When people have a bit of extra money in the budget for redecorating, they are likely to spend it on a common area of the home, such as the kitchen.
However, remodeling the bedroom is just as important since getting a good night's sleep is so essential to health and productivity.
There are a few simple things that anyone can do in order to turn their bedroom into an entirely new space.
In many homes, even the master bedroom is not large enough for a big bed and a lot of additional furniture.
One great way to save space is by painting an accent wall behind the bed and getting rid of a bulky headboard.
An accent wall will draw focus to the bed and set it apart from other furniture, but it does not take up space that could be used by, for example, an additional dresser.
As in any room in the house, repainting can make a world of difference in a bedroom.
However, it is especially important in the bedroom to choose colors that will be conducive to calming the nerves and providing a good night's sleep.
Experts recommend using cool, calming tones such as greens and blues to promote restful sleep.
Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a bedroom, especially for those who like to read or get work done in bed.
One great new trend is getting rid of the old bedside lamps and replacing them with lamps that hang above the nightstand instead.
This option not only looks beautiful and stylish, but it frees up the space on the nightstand for more important items.
When remodeling a bedroom, take some time to look at the options for organization, such as baskets and additional drawers.
Studies have shown that having a lot of clutter in the bedroom can keep people from getting the deep sleep that they need.
A well-organized bedroom is calming to the mind and, in addition, helps the stylish decorating choices to truly shine.
When redecorating a bedroom, it is important to remember that the primary reason for this room is getting a good night of sleep.
Choose colors that will be relaxing and soothing, such as various shades of green or blue.
Reduce clutter by using organizational pieces, such as extra baskets, and keep the nightstand clear by installing an overhead light.
Keeping the room free of clutter will promote sleep and help the style of the room break through.

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