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How to Summarize in Math Class

    • 1). Read the passage. Often times, math problems are disguised in other types of problems or even in written essays. Students should read the passage and identify what type of question is being asked. Does the passage contain any clue phrases such as, "In combination with..." or "The difference is...?" These types of phrases explain what the passage is asking.

    • 2). Identify the details. Each problem will contain numbers. Write these numbers down. Look for the clue words and write those down, as well. Next translate the clue words into mathematical meanings. 'Sum of' and 'in combination with' are a few examples of clue words that mean addition. 'Taken from' and 'away' are subtraction words.

    • 3). Rewrite the passage mathematically. Use the numbers that have been isolated and write them out using addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division signs. Does this new numerical sentence match the question identified? If not, reevaluate the passage, looking for missed clue words or numbers. Once the equation matches the initial question, then you can solve the problem.

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