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What Kind of Flowers Can I Plant in Kentucky in August?


    • Perhaps one of the most popular end-of-summer annual flowers is the chrysanthemum or mum. Kentucky gardeners typically plant mums during mid-to-late August. Mums come in a wide variety of colors to suit every garden.

    Sedum Autumn Joy

    • Another beloved August flower is the Sedum Autumn Joy. This perennial flower can be planted at the end of the summer. It does well in zone 6 up until the first frost, adding interest to fall and late summer gardens.


    • As a wildflower, goldenrod has become a favorite in the Kentucky flower garden. The reliable golden yellow blooms make their appearance in late summer. Plant in August in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.


    • Planting fall flowers from seed may be done in early August, with respect to the date of maturation. Transplants can be planted during the entire month in zone 6. Contact a local gardening center for more information on planting and growing local flowers.

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