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Foods That Aggravate Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a serious but non-life threatening disease which mainly affects the musculoskeletal system.
However, due to the nature of the disease, it can also affect your bowels, sleeping habits and moods.
As a result it is a difficult disease to diagnose, and most doctors will tell you that it is an incurable disease.
However, there are many things that you can do to help you to control the symptoms, and even reverse them altogether.
According to medical findings those who suffer from fibromyalgia are highly toxic.
Believe it or not, but these toxins come from the foods that you eat.
Thus every time you eat foods that create toxins in your body, your symptoms will get worse.
Therefore if you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, the best thing that you can do for your body is to rest, and avoid the foods that will aggravate your symptoms.
Here are some of the foods that will aggravate your symptoms: Animal Proteins Animal proteins may be high in essential nutrients, but they are also high in saturated fats, and substances that become toxic in your body after ingestion.
Processed Foods Processed foods contain chemicals, food additives and preservatives which are all toxic to your body.
Thus whenever you eat these foods, even in small amounts you will see your symptoms worsen.
Processed foods usually come in boxes, packets, cans, bottles or cartons.
Basically anything that is not fresh in the fresh produce section has been processed.
Thus you need to avoid these foods to reduce your symptoms.
Junk Foods Junk foods are also a major contributor to the symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Not only are they highly toxic, but they also do not contain any nutrition which your body can benefit from.
The only thing that they can do for you is to offer you a moment of bliss, only to have your energy and moods drop as soon as the food wears off.
Cooked Foods Cooked foods may not necessarily aggravate the symptoms that much, but they are of lesser value than raw foods as they are not as nutritious.
Medical studies reveal that those suffering from fibromyalgia are deficient in many nutrients.
Therefore by eating your foods raw whenever possible can help you to restore the essential nutrients so that your body can begin to heal itself.
Furthermore, raw organic foods are not only not toxic to your body, but they can actually help your body to get rid of all the toxins that are lodged deep within your muscle tissues so that they can begin to relax.

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