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Detoxification an Alternative Medicine

Advanced diseases and obesity affected persons is a problem in our country these days. Obesity or other medical problems like blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases are a result of these wrong habits or fast food habits, modern diets, unhealthy life style and environmental pollutants. To resolve this people undergo medication supplements, therapies e.g. yoga, meditation, spa, etc. Does this really help?? The therapies are followed by people suggested by newspaper articles or an article in a health magazine, where as all these things should be done on suggestion of a physician. Many products in the market are launched which promise to be a solution of the problems; where as they prove helpful only if consumed regularly. Unfortunately they do not uproot the disease neither do they remove the root cause of the disease. Here aids the €DETOX' theory.
Detoxification, i.e. DETOX is a process of removal of toxic chemicals which are usually a byproduct of an organism's metabolism from the body of an organism. These products can affect an individual's health adversely in short or long term. DETOX procedure includes four types of detoxification; alcoholic detoxification, drug detoxification, metabolic detoxification, alternative medicine. Process of DETOX diet involves dieting, fasting, increasing intake of fibrous food and avoiding intake of fats, carbohydrates, sugars, etc; which can be said as direct source of energy. Detoxification also helps in reducing the total fat content of a human body which is the main source of fat stored toxins.
Most commonly known and experienced detoxifying diet is €ANTI-AGINGFASTING DETOX PROGRAM'. These programs include the weight loss, blood and body purification through toxic removal, colon cleansing and heavy metal detoxification programs. The anti-aging fasting program is associated with exercises, diets, sauna therapy, flora therapy, etc. the diet programs usually start from a pre program checkup to certify that the person is eligible for the program or not. As diets are helpful they can even be difficult to sustain and can even be fatal to some people following. The fasting program then follows with a daily exercise plan which is jogging, walking or even yoga and meditation. This should be done regularly for effective results. The effects of these kinds of exercises are slow but prolonged. The exercises commonly followed with a strict diet. This diet is tag on for helping the body to get familiar to the exercises and the further restrictions. After this step the programs is carried forward with a re-feeding program. Re-feeding program means getting fed again. Following this program doesn't mean to follow a usual diet but to follow a high fiber, healthy and non toxic diet. Re-feeding starts from having health tea, juices and more of raw vegetables mostly fibrous ones. This helps in increasing your metabolic activity. Heading to the next step is sauna therapy or flora therapy which includes colonic cleaning, water therapy, sightseeing and an expert massage. The last step is checkup for completion this is same as the kind done at the beginning of the DETOX diet.

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