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Great Volleyball Warm-Up Drill

Greetings and thanks a lot for reading up on volleyball drills.
I want to share with you my favorite warm-up activity.
I possess two national championships and I'm sure a strong believer that when the players are participating in enjoyable and entertaining drills, the team will benefit greatly.
Just like keeping employees satisfied will increase production, keeping players happy boosts being successful.
I can practically ensure it.
I also think that an enjoyable, efficient warm-up is vital to get the team into the practice.
Get started tough and conclude tough.
The team will value this in the end.
In any case, to literally my personal favorite volleyball drill.
Ten Foot Line Activity And so this particular warm-up is actually a game.
Separate the group into two teams and have one team on each side of the net.
The game is played within the ten foot lines, so past the ten foot line is out of bounds.
The purpose is to win rallies, just like a standard game.
You can play to 25, however it will exhaust them out so i suggest playing a couple of games to 15 and a third if you need a tie-breaker.
The kicker here is that every time a person contacts the ball, he or she must run and touch the end line.
So once they contact the ball, whether it be a pass, set, or attack, that player will need to run back to the end line, then get themselves back into the action.
The coach will there be to pop balls into the game.
I always like to give a ball to the team that just won the past rally.
Don't forget, the players will be rather fatigued between games so allow them a second to catch there breath prior to starting the next game.
Also, have them switch sides.
That contributes to the authentic feel and competition.
One particular rule that I include to the game is this: If one side doesn't use all 3 contacts to get the ball over the net, the full team must dash to the end line and back, while the other team is using their three hits.
Also, should you have too many players, you might play a version in which players sprint to the end line and another player replaces them.
That player must not enter in before the player makes it to the end line.
I guarantee that this warm-up will be productive and you will love watching it.
Try jumping in with your players also.

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