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Your Daily Numerology Organizer

Every day offers you a new vibration for your work or play.
If you know your Destiny Number you can play this game.
THIS IS HOW IT WORKS Combine your Destiny number with the current calendar number.
If today is December 1, 2005, the energy pattern for the day is calculated thusly: 12/01/2005 = 3+1+7 = 11 = 2.
So this is an #2 day.
Combine that number with your Destiny number, and you have your daily numerology organizer number.
HOW TO FIND YOUR DESTINY NUMBER? Each letter in the name you currently go by has a corresponding number.
Add all the numbers in you name.
Reduce that to a single digit.
AJS=1 BKT=2 CLU=3 DMV=4 ENW=5 FOX=6 GPY=7 HQZ=8 IR=9 My name yields #9.
DESTINY NUMBER AND DAILY NUMBER My #9 combines with December 1's #2.
The combination yields #11 - Self-Mastery December 1, 2005 is a Self-Mastery day for me.
THIS TELLS ME I must stay focused in my interactions with others, as well as with myself.
Not get caught up in emotions, neither hot with anger nor feverish with love.
Stay cool is the motto.
Not get intellectually lost in a maize of details.
Stay cool, observant and in charge of myself.
Be acutely aware of the way things are, not to lose myself in the allure of fantasy projects.
This day for me is not a day to be in lala-land.
WHAT IS TODAY LIKE FOR YOU? If this is a #1 day for you, then you ought to be initiating a project that serves your needs.
Forget about your friends for a bit, at least for today.
Start something new for you.
Whatever that may be.
Begin reading that book that's been sitting at your beside all these months.
Go for a hike in the mountains by yourself.
Enjoy your own company.
Give yourself a day at the spa.
But if you have to be at your 9 -5 place, only do those chores that please the heck out of you.
If this is a #2 day for you, then you need to focus on being even-keeled for the day.
Don't get thrown by Susie's temper tantrum.
Be a rock while everyone else is going nuts.
Walk tenderly on the earth.
Don't try to climb any mountains.
Tackle the easy problems.
Leave the hard ones for tomorrow.
If this is a #3 day for you, then you are free to tackle the thorny issues.
Today is your creative day.
A good day to fix the washing machine.
Start writing that book.
Brainstorm with your boss.
Figure out which pony to bet on.
Make that great holiday plan.
If this is a #4 day for you, then it's your turn to hold up the world.
For you are the stable one in the crowd.
Look self-assured.
You can do it today.
Whatever is required.
Spend the evening with your wild kids.
They will love climbing all over you, cause you won't crumble.
Not this day.
Stand up at the committee meeting and speak your truth.
You are no pushover today.
If this is a #5 day for you, then it's the best day to be fully active in your work or play.
Your energy is high.
It's your action day You are able to wrestle with the giants today.
You can make waves.
The world will wonder at your boundless energy.
If this is a #6 day for you, then it's a good time to visit grandma, for you are full of compassion.
This is your day to take care of everyone.
Be a broad shoulder for the hurting ones in your life.
You could be doing good charity work today.
Your heart is open.
Even the birds in your park will feel your good vibes.
If this is a #7 day for you, then feel happy you are taking your university entrance exams today.
This is the day your mental acumen is at its highest.
Your boss will marvel at the intricacies and the brilliance of the report you are making this morning.
When he reads it tomorrow he will want to make you head of the department...
and that will be fortuitous because...
If this is a #8 day for you, then your leadership qualities are shining likebrass buttons.
Everyone will be looking to you for direction.
You couldlead an expedition into the toughest jungle and no one would worry following you.
Your confidence is fortified by your uncanny ability to make things happen.
A true captain of industry.
If you are a musician, you could be asked to take over as conductor.
AND FINALLY If this is a #9 day for you, then you ought to don your finest apparel, for you will be noted as the great humanitarian in your circles.
Others will feel your beneficent vibes and honor you with signs of genuine affection.
This is your day to dispense with any form of standoffishness.
Even if you are a died in the wool introvert, no one will ignore you.
All will want to bask in the glow of your unconditional love.
Be prepared to see flowers strewn in your path.

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