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How to Tie a Calf Rope to a Saddle

    • 1). Rope the calf while in the saddle by lassoing the hind or front legs.

    • 2). Grasp your rope with both hands, placing them approximately 15 inches apart. Keep your thumbs up and allow the rope to rest against your hands in the "V" between your thumb and pointer finger.

    • 3). Move both hands down toward the saddle while continuing to hold the rope until your left hand is positioned approximately two inches to the left of the saddle horn. You'll use your left hand to hold the rope close to the saddle horn while you wrap with your right hand.

    • 4). Wrap the rope around the saddle horn as tightly as possible using a circular motion with your right hand. The rope should circle the saddle horn three full times. This is called a dally wrap.

    • 5). Release the rope with your left hand once it's dallied to the saddle horn. Continue to grasp the rope with your right hand until it's no longer slack, being sure to keep your hand away from the loops around the saddle horn.

    • 6). Sit back slightly in the saddle and brace yourself with your feet firmly in the stirrups. As the calf tries to move away, you'll likely feel a jerk in the rope.

    • 7). Release the rope with your right hand as soon as the rope is taut.

    • 8). Apply slight pressure to the free end of the rope by pulling it with your left hand. The dally will pull tight around the saddle horn as the calf tightens the rope. Keep your hands away from the saddle horn and release the rope end immediately if the dally slips.

    • 9). Instruct your horse to move backward to maintain a tight rope between the saddle horn and the calf.

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