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Why Take a University Foundation Course to Study in the UK?

International students may wonder if it is worth their time, effort, and the expense to take a university foundation course in order to study in the UK. There may be cheaper and easier options closer to home. However, a degree obtained from a UK university will always be considered more valuable.

About UK Universities

The United Kingdom is home to the majority of oldest institutions of higher learning in the world. Many of the more famous ones, such as Cambridge and Oxford, were established over seven centuries ago. In order to have existed, and thrived, for that long they are obviously doing something right.

The fact is that many universities located elsewhere around the globe are based on the programmes and academic requirements first instituted in Great Britain. Nowhere else is a higher education degree considered more prestigious.

Academic semesters in the UK start in the autumn, in either September or October. The first semester runs until Christmas, when students are allowed a month-long break. Classes resume again in the following year and end in June, with another break scheduled around Easter.

Advantages to Attending a British University

Whilst you may at first look at the cost to study abroad and consider it an exorbitant expense, you must also consider value. What are you getting for your money?

The truth is that a British university course is very intensive and generally shorter-term than those offered at other institutions.

For international students, the benefits are many. Not only are you exposed to great cultural opportunities, but you will receive free health care while in the UK per the National Health Service programme. This is in addition to the highest quality education available nearly anywhere in the world.

Requirements for UK Study

The first thing an international student needs is a visa. This is fairly easy to obtain by proving that you have been accepted for a course of study at a UK university. You must be registered for a minimum 15 hours of courses each week. Application is made at your country's embassy.

Another thing you will need to do is obtain a minimum passing grade on an English test. Oftentimes, prospective international students will take a series of advanced English courses as part of their university foundation course curriculum.

Taking a university foundation course is the best way to prepare for entering intensive study at a UK school. This provides a one-year option for entry as opposed to the conventional two-year A-Level requirement. These courses are the most comprehensive way to learn everything you need and be immersed in the culture of a UK institution.

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