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The Strong Characteristics of Athens Civilization


    • The modern day governing system of democracy has its roots in ancient Athens. The first democracy was formed when the ancient Greeks opened the assembly to all male citizens. They met about 40 times in one year to discuss important matters on foreign policy and legislative issues. Anybody could speak and they ended with voting. They hung their decision in frequently visited public places, such as the market. The first time democracy in this form was introduced was in 508 B.C., after the death of the last Athenian king.


    • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy divides Greek philosophy into three eras: The Pre-Socrates philosophy, classical Greek philosophy and the Hellenistic philosophy. Athens brought a lot to the field of philosophy, as three historically important philosophers were all citizens of the Athens -- Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. Their philosophical thought reached and influenced much in medieval Europe and underlies much of modern thinking, literature and fine art in the 21st century. The subjects that are most commonly addressed in those times were politics, ethics, metaphysics, ontology, logic, biology, rhetoric and aesthetics.


    • Another area that bloomed in ancient Athens was the theater. The Athenians built massive theaters, which were designed to have excellent acoustics. Even the slightest whisper from the podium could be heard by patrons seated in the back rows of the theater. The Athenians also were famous for their festivals, which they held in honor of their god of wine and song, Dionysus.


    • As Athens was a mighty prosperous city, there was money available to invest in the construction of public houses. Athenians built spaces, such as temples, markets, public bathhouses and gyms and social clubs. Their specific, unprecedented design of buildings and attention to detail influenced building in Medieval Europe.

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