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Profit Lance: Is it worth your money?

Profit lance is a course that teaches you how to make thousands of dollars every week.
Unless you are already rich, you should be interested in knowing the techniques that the Profit Lance system teaches you. Most probably, this is the reason why you are currently reading this.
Well, I simply can't tell you here the exact technique contained in the course because I'd be breaking the law, but I can provide you with a quick review of what the course contains and especially what field it covers.
Once I joined Profit Lance, I expected to receive the usual eBook, the common 300-page eBook that's supposed to make me rich... but I did NOT receive that and let me tell you, I was a bit confused.
What I obtained instead was full access to Profit Lance's member area. In the member area, there isn't just 1 eBook - there are videos, audios, articles and interactive courses. All fields of internet marketing are covered in this area, from pay per click to search engine optimization.
Well, this should be great, but there is a less positive aspect that I need to underline: receiving a single eBook is less confusing and more 'straight to the point' than gaining access to a member area.
Why didn't Michael Andrews make a single eBook instead of building up an entire membership site? Simply because one single eBook can't change your life, can't make you rich. Think about it... how can even 200 pages do it?
To start making money on the internet, you first need a serious plan containing manuals to learn the skills, and then you need the ability to keep working when, at the beginning, you might only experience failures. What Profit Lance can give you is the manuals you need, the plan you need...but you must have the motivation, the capacity to keep going and to not give up.
Profit Lance covers all fields of internet marketing and it starts from the beginning. You don't need to be a computer expert to put into practice what you will learn; but you should, at the very least, like working in front of the computer as you will spend between 2 to 4 hours a day in front of it. When I joined the Profit Lance system, I wasn't a 'newbie' to internet marketing, but neither was I making thousands every week.
Again, Profit Lance covers everything you need to know to succeed in internet marketing, but you'll need strength of will to put into practice what you will learn because the course will demand a lot from you.
I hope I gave you at least a different opinion from the usual 'review' you read on the internet.
Good luck.

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