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How to Fix Up a HUD Home

    • 1). Hire a home inspector. A home inspector will charge $200 to $350 to complete an assessment of a HUD home. Their expertise in the building and construction industries helps reveal problematic areas within a home. The list of repairs an inspector provides reflects only on the mechanical and structural defects of a property, but it is an excellent place to start.

    • 2). Evaluate the repair list. Select items you are confident you can complete yourself. For example, replacing switch plates or doorknobs is an easy task, suitable for nearly anyone. In contrast, repairing a roof requires professional assistance. Itemize the areas that you are confidant enough to handle and hire a contractor for complex electrical, plumbing or structural deficiencies.

    • 3). Make a list of cosmetic damages. HUD homes typically have numerous items in need of surface treatment. Each home is different, and the items you choose to fix vary from one home to another. Standard items typically requiring replacement or repair are floors, interior doors, kitchen plumbing fixtures and cabinetry. Some homes will require large amounts of structural and cosmetic repair equating to thousands of dollars, while others require just a few hundred dollars out of pocket.

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