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How to avoid the 8 worst calorie or fattening drinks

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      7-11 Slurpee:
      This item is surprisingly low on the calorie list in compared to these other drinks. It just goes to show how the once "calorie-king" has been usurped by our cravings for high-calorie drinks.

      Slurpee Nutritional Information:
      Ounces: 29
      Total Calories: 220
      Fat: 0g
      Carbohydrates: 101g
      Protein: 0g
      Calories per Ounce: 7.59

      Slurpee Alternatives:
      Personally, I cannot stand Slurpees, even as a kid I did not like the taste or texture. However, if you prefer these types of drinks try mixing a cup of Crystal Light in a blender with some ice, add in a small amount of yogurt and you'll have a similar low-calorie tasting drink. If you are a Slurpee fan you may want to look into home-made smoothies you would be surprised how filling they are

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      Pepsi and Coke
      Sometimes I cannot stop drinking these sodas, they are addictive and they are easy to drink; that's the problem. One 12 ounce can has 150 calories. If you were to drink 2 cans a day for a year that equals 109,500 calories or approximately 31 Lbs of PURE FAT.

      Pepsi Nutritional Information:
      Ounces: 12
      Total Calories: 150
      Fat: 0g
      Carbohydrates: 42g
      Protein: 0g
      Calories per Ounce: 12.50

      Pepsi and Coke Alternatives:
      What ever you do, avoid switching to Diet Coke or Pepsi! Studies are finding that the artificial sweeteners found in these diet drinks are actually causing more harm than good. Here's how these chemicals work: They actually deplete a hormone in the brain called "Leptin." Leptin triggers the brain to tell the body it is full and hungry. So, if you are constantly drinking diet sodas when you go to eat a meal you will eat a great deal more because your Leptin levels are reduced. If you can learn to like the taste, try Seltzer or Club Soda. It may be the carbonation, fizzy bubbles which are causing you to crave soda.

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      Orange Juice

      Orange and other Juices:
      This is correct, juices are loaded with calories whether it's orange, apple, grape or mango they contain high amounts of simple sugars. If you are interested in getting the vitamins such as Vitamin C or D that come with drinking juices try a supplement instead. Also, eating the actual fruit can be better for you it has more fiber in it.

      Orange Juice Nutrition Information
      Ounces: 12
      Total Calories: 170
      Fat: 0.8g
      Carbohydrates: 39.2g
      Protein: 2.6g
      Calories per Ounce: 14.17

      Juice Alternatives:
      If you really enjoy apple or orange juice, try the fruit instead. They are much better source of vitamins and again are higher in fiber. Try a low calorie drink mix such as Crystal Light or other types of drinks such as these. Be careful on some, they can be loaded with sodium.

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      Basically, the only thing Gatorade is really good for is helping the Florida Gators football team get over the second half slump of their football games being played in the blistering heat of central Florida. It is designed to help athletes replenish depleted energy sources in the quickest manner possible. It is loaded with calories and has high contents of sodium and potassium. The only thing it will do is add a few more ounces to your spare tire.

      Gatorade Nutrition Info:
      Ounces: 32
      Total Calories: 200
      Fat: 0g
      Sodium: 440mg
      Potassium: 120mg
      Carbohydrates: 96g
      Calories per Ounce: 6.25

      Gatorade Alternatives:
      If you are a big fan of Gatorade than try their new G2 sports drink, it only has 7 grams of carbohydrates per 8 ounce servings. Check out the Vitamin Water drinks, these are not nearly as loaded as Gatorade and other type sports drinks.

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      Starbucks Mocha Chip Frappuccino
      This drink comes in many different flavors all equally fattening as the next. If you are trying to eat healthy and loose weight, these are not the drinks for you or most people. They are so filled with calories, especially fat, you could easily add ½ a pound or more in 5 days. If you plan on starting a Laurel & Hardy revival show, with you playing Hardy (the heavy) then keep on drinking away. This stuff is liquid candy and the over use and abuse can be detrimental to your overall health.

      Starbucks Mocha Chip Frappuccino Nutritional Information:
      Ounces: 24
      Total Calories: 680
      Fat: 21g
      Carbohydrates: 115g
      Protein: 18
      Sugars: 93g
      Calories per Ounce: 28.33

      Alternatives to Frappuccinos:
      Try the light selections at Starbucks if you truly enjoy these types of drinks. For example the Espresso Frappuccino Light Blended coffee, at only 6.25 calories per ounce it is a great choice. Another excellent, healthy choice; is the Venti which only has 150 calories per 24 ounce serving.

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      Cafe Cooler

      7-11 French Vanilla Café Cooler
      In response to Starbucks's coffee version of the Slurpee, 7-11, who would not be deterred, came up with their own version. The coffee Slurpee was invented to stiffen the competition against Starbucks. However, these new and improved Slurpees came with nearly four times more calories than their older cousins.

      7-11 French Vanilla Café Cooler Nutritional Information:
      Ounces: 20
      Total Calories: 634
      Fat: 27g
      Carbohydrates: 97g
      Protein: 1.6
      Sugars: 97g
      Calories per Ounce: 31.7

      Alternatives to the Café Cooler:
      Coffee, regular with some skim milk and try some sugar-free vanilla flavoring. This is a wonderful replacement for this calorie behemoth. If you like the idea of an iced-coffee, why I am not sure, put some ice cubes from the Big Gulp machine into your cup of regular coffee with skim-milk. This will help you avoid the inevitable outcome from these types of drinks - turning into someone who could be seen from space.

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      Milk Shake

      McDonald's Chocolate Triple Thick Shake
      When writing this article I had to leave this description for last. The mere thought of this item actually made me a little nauseous. What is it with these people? This is over 1/3 your entire caloric intake per day. The only people who should be eating this are the children of disgruntled spouses who want to get back at their significant others by having them eat this and keep the child up for three days straight. If you were to eat these on a regular basis, you could conceivably put on nearly two pounds of fat per week. Now for the data:

      Chocolate Triple Thick Shake Nutritional Information:
      Ounces: 32
      Total Calories: 1160
      Fat: 27g
      Carbohydrates: 203g
      Protein: 27
      Sugars: 168g
      Calories per Ounce: 36.25

      Monster Shake Alternatives:
      No matter how you spin it milk shakes are extremely calorie dense. It is a beverage that is notoriously fattening and can really leave you with a sugar hangover. If you like milk-shakes such as these try a healthier alternative instead. Blend ½ cup of skim milk with whey protein and some ice. Add in a dash of chocolate sauce or vanilla extract for flavoring. Also, you can head some healthy tofu or wheat based ice-cream which is much better than the standard milk ice cream.

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      Diet Coke

      1.Diet Coke
      The effectiveness of diet sodas as a weight loss tool needs to be examined, along with he harmful effects of sugar substitutes and caffeine abuse. A study done at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that the opposite was occuring with those who consumed high amounts of Diet Coke. The study suggested that the empty calories from diet soda may stimulate the appetite. However, this connection does not prove that drinking diet soda caused the weight gain. What exactly caused the weight gain is still being examined by the ADA and others.

      A similar independent study of 9,000 men and women done in connection with the Framingham Heart Study showed that those who drank diet sodas were less likely to eat healthy foods.

      Diet Coke Nutritional Information:
      Ounces: 12
      Total Calories: 0
      Fat: 0g
      Carbohydrates: 0g
      Protein: 0
      Sugars: 0g
      Sodium: 20mg
      Calories per Ounce: 0
      Phosphoric Acid
      Potassium benzoate

      Alternatives to Diet Coke:
      Water, H20, Aqua, avoid drinking any Diet Sodas. Scientists are discovering the long term effects that these Diet sodas have on the body and it is not pretty.

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