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How to Find Younger Women

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      Find younger women by not being stingy.

      To find younger women, you must be willing to spend money. Younger women hide out in places that they can get into free, but guys have to pay for. This keeps out the riffraff. Examples: high end dating sites, celebrity clubs, and Hollywood in general. Don't get all uptight about paying an entrance fee. Just consider it an investment. To find younger women, you have to realize that people know they are a wanted commodity and won't let you in free.

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      Find younger women by acting rich.

      After you get over your fear of parting ways with your hard earned money, you have to know exactly where to go to find younger women. Well, the hottest of the hot young women never have to pay for anything, and are mostly kept. So you will find them doing expendable rich people things, like yoga, ferryboat rides, art shows, etc., things that working people simply cannot do. To find younger women, you must get to these places during working hours. If you want dates, you'd better show up looking like you know what you're doing, too. Know something about the artwork.

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      Find younger women by going online.

      If you look at clubs and art shows to find younger women, you're on the right track, but the jackpot step is for you to look online. I hate to say it, but online is easy because many of these supposedly millionaire dating sites don't check your income. If so, there are many ways to forge it. Put on a good act and you've got access. But be warned; you'd better come up with some pretty good ways to hide your broke checkbook when it's time for the date.

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      Find younger women by being stylish!

      The last step to find younger women is to realize that they only surround themselves with top notch everything. So don't go to Vons; go to Whole Foods. Don't go to the corner jewelry store; go to Tiffany's. Don't go to Red Lobster's; go to Ago's. That's a Hollywood restaurant, but you get the point. To find younger women, you have to step up your lifestyle. Good luck!

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